2020 · Kontraklang (Berlin)

works by and with
Trio Transmitter, Stellan Veloce & Neo Hülcker and Jessie Marino

Fr. 16.10.2020, 20:00
Villa Elisabeth


Jessie Marino: How to talk when you’re alone – a shadow play for performer and teapot (2016/2020, world premier of the new version)
Neo Hülcker & Stellan Veloce: Kows (2020, world premier)
Benedikt Bindewald: Hochhäuser voller Menschen (2020, world premier)
Trio Transmitter, Jessie Marino, Neo Hülcker & Stellan Veloce: Just a FABulous NEST – a solo collage (2020, world premier)

Hochhäuser voller Menschen (high-rise houses full of people)

In our contemporary world we are a lot of people, living quite often together in a narrow space, in high-rise buildings (doesn’t matter if they’re really high or not). We are close to each other, even if it doesn’t feel like, walls are separating us, different cultures are separating us, religions, philosophies, opinions, views, and this way the spatial proximity becomes ideational distance.
To put itthe other way round you can sense in the Covid-19-crisis, how closeness, even intimacy can emerge when we are afar. Connected through the internet, the personal and direct proximity is forced to be tested in distance, we are forced to build intimacy with people, who we can only have telephone- and video-concacts with.
This piece follows a lead of a piece written before: „onetwothree – piece to be!“ in which the violin ends up inside the grand piano, and the piano is being closed. In „High-rise houses full of people“ the violin or better the violinist is trapped in the piano, in a live-transmission from afar his sounds are coming from inside the piano. He is in this box, and from there he tries to get in contact with his partners on the piano and the bass clarinet. He surfaces from inside the clusters, is again shattered by bad transmission, which influences all three players, he finds himself in harmony with the silence that appeared through the lockdown, and gets lost again in websites and digitalization, which steals infinity from the sound and from the people.






is a solo collage, which combines the worlds of miniMusiktheater of the individual musicians creating a common, site-specific work.

pictures © mutesouvenir