Transmitter 2015

2015 · Acker Stadt Palast (Berlin)

Markus Wettstein fenster (2014) for bass clarinet, viola and piano

Nuria Núñez Hierro Treffpunkt (2013) for bass clarinet, viola, piano and two turntables

Benedikt Bindewald CCTV in Operation (2014) for bass clarinet, violin, piano and binoculars

Hanna Hartman Apricots (2015, world premiere) for bass clarinet, violin, piano and playback

Florian Bergmann Knots (2014) for bass clarinet, violin, piano and playback


For Transmitter 2015 – sponsored by the initiative neue musik berlin – the trio presented works that were especially composed for the ensemble. As a thread through the concert, the program focuses on works that explore the possibilities of the concert stage as a performative space. The stage setting recalls a workshop, with scenic elements and multiple everyday objects scattered around, which are then recontextualized as objects in the musical works.